IBM 8228 Token Ring Hub

System Type: 8228

The IBM 8228 was a very long lived Token Ring hub which consisted of 8 ports and and a ring in and out for stacking multiple units together. From what I can tell, this device was sold for a decade making it fairly common among token ring gear. What's not common are the special dongles (setup aid) used to prime the relays after they've been bumped around. All of the 8228s I've seen listed always omit this (necessary) piece. Fortunately it wouldn't be too hard to make your own but of course less convenient. After purchasing a new-in-box 8228 I was able to get the setup aid along with a few extra goodies.

What's unusual about it, is that it operates without power (passive). That's why the relays need to be primed with the setup aid because they don't have any power or intelligence to speak of. Also, the IBM data connectors are hermaphroditic, similar to what's being achieved now with USB C, except IBM had this way back before anyone else even had the intuition for it.



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Note: I was not able to source a copy of the '8226 Installation and Planning Guide', it has vanished off the face of the entire internet.