IBM ThinkPad 800 PowerPC Information and Software

System Type: 6020 "Woodfield"

Released before the ThinkPad 850 as the "Power Series 800" (but really more sensical to call it the ThinkPad 800 since it's not a Power Series desktop and even has a "ThinkPad" badge!), it was sent to select developers (programming for: AIX, Windows NT, Solars and PPC OS/2) as a prototype unit for software development and was never commercially sold out to customers. It's basically identical to the 850 externally aside from what's printed on it. The specifications are inferior to the 850.



--> IBM Power Personal Developer's ToolBox Program

--> Power Series 800 Performance Paper

--> I.T.S.O. PowerPC An Inside View

--> OS/2 Warp (PowerPC Edition) A First Look


--> Windows NT PowerPC ARC Bootloader (1.46, 1.48, 1.49)

--> Windows NT PowerPC Beta Sound Driver

--> AIX PowerPC ARC Bootloader (1.46)

--> PowerPC ARC Bootloader (1.50 & 1.51)


Supported Operating Systems

Being a PReP machine it enjoys support from the following operating systems:

- AIX 4.1.5 ~ AIX 4.2.1
- OS/2 PowerPC (non-beta)
- Solaris 2.5.1 PowerPC
- Microsoft Windows NT PowerPC
- Linux (heavy mods to get it going on PReP)



----CPU Options----

- 603 66 Mhz CPU


- ???


- ???


Up to 80 MB with the use of DRAM cards.