IBM 8226 Token Ring RJ45 Connection / Model 001

System Type: 8226

The IBM 8226 Token Ring Hub is probably one of the smallest token hubs available: making it useful for tiny LANs, portability or something small. It's also a low-cost solution if you want something small to get a Token Ring LAN set up and running with standard RJ45 cables.

The 8226 is basically an updated 8228 which uses RJ45 instead of the IBM token cables. Unlike the 8228 it requires power, added LED indicators and also added the feature of behaving as a concentrator or splitter. The 8226 MIGHT be able to run without power but since it doesn't use relays it seems unlikely; I will update once verified.

Extracted from IBM's feature list on the 8226:



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Note: I was not able to source a copy of the '8226 Installation and Planning Guide', it has vanished off the face of the entire internet.