AIX Toolbox ISO Images

The AIX Toolbox is to provide ports and applications from Linux and GNU. Extremely useful if you're looking for installing some productivity applications as well, such as XMMS, The GIMP, XPDF, along with a baseset of libraries used for loads of other applications/games etc. Here I have archived some older AIX Toolbox ISO images, as the newer ones are still available directly from IBM. The new AIX Toolbox packages may start to phase out some of the desktop productivity software which is why I wanted to archive these--along with the fact anyone who is running an old AIX system may want these legacy packages as well.

For a dependency chart outline (if installing packages manually, which you almost always will be for anything 7.1 and prior) along with other applications, please refer to the AIX Desktop Applications page. The 'dependency hell' isn't all that bad once you know the order in which everything should be installed.



--> AIX Toolbox (2004)

--> AIX Toolbox (2006)

--> AIX Toolbox (2007)