AIX Desktop Applications and Dependencies

AIX doesn't have a good dependency management (and this is worsened due to the fact IBM does not package all GNU and open source software). So this makes managing packages even worse since not all packages compiled by different parties will be interoperable. This page aims to map all of the dependencies so the order for what needs to be installed is known, and also how much proprietary and open source software AIX has available to it.


Dependency Chart

Notice: text highlighted in red means a potential package conflict (with AIXToolBox and Michael Perzl's packages), text highlighted in blue refers to a regular application and not necessarily a library or being dependent on something else.

Install First Install Second Install Third Install Fourth
glib glib2 (*glib2-2.32.4-1) urw-fonts gtk2
gettext gtk+ atk xcursor (*libxcursor)
freetype (IBM-only) fontconfig libIDL cairo
freetype2 (*IBM) libmng xaw3d xrender (*libxrender)
expat popt pango xft (*libXft)
libjpeg coreutils flac gmp
libpng libiconv info XMMS (Application)
libtiff gdbm libstdc++ XPaint (Application)
zlib lcms openjpeg XPDF (Application)
pixman faac db4 libmikmod
bash libvorbis libXft (*xft) readline
libogg speex
Pth libpaper
renderproto tcl
randrproto (Perzl-only) gdbm
libmp4v2 libxrender (*xrender)
faad2 freetype2 (*Perzl)
NEdit (Application)
unzip (Application)
Install Fifth Install Sixth Install Seventh Install Eighth
MPFR libmpc gcc & gcc-cpp (req. both simultaneously) audiofile
libxrandr Tk perl
libxcursor (*xcursor) Firefox (Application) libffi
Install Ninth Install Tenth Install Eleventh Install Twelfth
ESounD pkg-config libntlm XChat (Application)
OpenSSL SDL SDL_net libXpm
glib2-2.32.4-1 (*glib2) lame xorg-compat-aix libtheora
schroedinger libao opencore-amr libsndfile
tightVNC xrdp (Application) X264 Python
gftp (Application) sqlite SDL_mixer
PUTTY (Application smpeg DOSBox (Application)
flac123 (Application)
QEMU (Application)
mpg123 (Application)
Install Thirteenth Install Fourteenth Install Fifteenth Install Sixteenth
ffmpeg rdesktop (Application)
libsamplerate tmux (Application)
bochs (Application)
Xpdf (Application)
PrBoom (Application)

Note: depending if you're using IBM's AIX Toolbox packages or Michael Perzl's OSS4AIX packages, xcursor and libxcursor and the others will have a conflict so you have to choose which ones you want to use, it also changes the order in which they are to be installed. Using Michael Perzl's packages will allow a more diverse set of packages as IBM started to neglect a bunch after AIX 4.3.3. And most of the IBM packages do work with Perzl's, anyways. There are also some packages that always need to be compiled specifically for each AIX version (a good example of that is the GCC environment) or ones that are more touchy, those are also noted in the other section of the table below.

Package Conflicts Version Sensitive Packages

IBM: freetype2 | Perzl: freetype2
IBM: xft | Perzl: libXft
IBM: xrender | Perzl: libxrender
IBM: xcursor | Perzl: libxcursor
IBM: glib2 | Perzl: glib2-2.32.4-1

- libXrender
- libstdc++
- libXcursor
- gcc / gcc-c++ / gcc-cpp
- libXpm
- Python
- QEMU (Application)

When you're installing the packages, you can either do it through SMIT or even through the graphical web manager (removed after AIX 6.1) and point to a CD-ROM or package(s) that you've downloaded. You don't actually have to mount the CD-ROM when you're using the graphical System Manager because it's intelligent enough to look there (you only ever have to 'mount' a CD-ROM in AIX under unique circumstances but generally it's best to ignore).

If setting up NFS isn't desirable you can burn all of the packages necessary on a DVD or format a USB stick with JFS, copy over the files, and then mount the USB stick to AIX and copy everything from there--probably the most favourable option even if JFS isn't designed as a removable mass storage filesystem.


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Note: it should be noted the unfortunate naming scheme of "OSS" (open source software) and "OSS" (open sound system). In the case of OSS/AIX that always refers to the open sound system for AIX, in the case of OSS4AIX that always refers to Michael Perzl's ported open source software to AIX.



Downloads section is still being built--additional applications need to be compiled etc. Then once all of that is done I can publish what's possible. Any paid-for proprietary software (like Adobe FrameMaker) I won't be able to.