Windows 98 / 98SE Files

Windows 98 / 98SE is still commonly used by enthusiasts who need it for the DOS support, or raw 9x support-- generally for games. Here is a collection of applications and updates used in conjunction with Windows 98.


Software & Common Drivers

--> WinRAR 3.80, last version compatible with Windows 9x

--> Opera 10.63, last version compatible with Windows 9x

Note: Opera 10 is also the most fully featured browser for Windows 9x, no other browsers retained backwards compatibility with such an old OS.

--> SoundBlaster 16 Windows 9x driver

This is the Windows version of the driver

--> SoundBlaster 16 DOS driver

This is the DOS version of the driver

If you need to configure AUTOEXEC.BAT for your SB16 for a non-plug and play, which is highly recommended, then it would go something like this (also remember to place this driver in C:\SB16 or modify the below fields referencing to wherever you put it):
SET BLASTER=A220 Ix Dx T3 P330 H6
I = IRQ, D = DMA, replace the 'x' with whichever value your card is jumpered to.

--> Skype (newest version compatible with Windows 9x

Microsoft no longer allows this version of Skype to connect to their servers, so it's no longer useful. I'll leave it here for posterity though: in the event someone is still looking for it for whatever reason.

--> CuteMouse (mouse DOS driver)


Updates & Fixes

--> Windows 98SE 3.3 Unofficial Update Pack (all of latest updates + more)

--> 98SE Universal USB Support (to eliminate drivers needed)

This works very well on my Pentium 1 / 2 computers, but on my Pentium 3 machines it seems to cause problems. Keep that in mind when you're using this utility.

--> 98lite (speeds up 98 dramatically by separating IE)

DirectX 9c (the last version compatible with Windows 98SE)