IBM RS/6000 N40 Information and Software

System Type: 7007

Released in 1994 and discontinued in 1995, these systems were jointly developed by Tadpole Technology for IBM and ran a PowerPC 601. They predated the Power Series ThinkPads and could be considered a sort of precusor to them--with the ThinkPad 850 ultimately being rebranded as an RS/6000 coming full circle.




--> Windows NT PowerPC ARC Bootloader (1.46, 1.48, 1.49)

--> Windows NT PowerPC Beta Sound Driver

--> AIX PowerPC ARC Bootloader (1.46)

--> PowerPC ARC Bootloader (1.50 & 1.51)


Supported Operating Systems

Being a PReP machine it enjoys support from the following operating systems:

- AIX 3.2.5 ~ 4.1.3
- Linux (heavy mods to get it going on PReP)
AND *POSSIBLY* THE FOLLOWING (I don't know for certain as I don't own one):
- Solaris 2.5.1 PowerPC
- Microsoft Windows NT PowerPC



----CPU Options----

- 601 CPU


- ??????


- ??????


Up to 64 MB