IBM Power Series 600

System Type: 6030 "Polo"

Released some time in 1995 (apparently mainly to developers), this system used a PowerPC (603?) processor and an S3 86C928 on a daughter card. These were one of the workstations slated at IBM's big plan to create a unified PowerPC platform to run OSes seamlessly (OS/2, Windows, AIX, Solaris etc). Unfortunately the development costs were starting to mount extremely high and there was little commercial interest when the 'wintel' train had already largely taken off. A similar fate would be repeated when HP and Intel tried to make Itanium the next big thing.

Documentation on the Power Series 600 (and 800) remains scarce as the machines were quickly killed off in IBM's Power Series program, and even on more commercial machines like the ThinkPad 850, documentation one that is better but



--> Power Series 600 System Management Services (SMS) Diskette

--> Power Series 600 Diagnostics Diskette 1

--> Power Series 600 Diagnostics Diskette 2

--> Power Series 600 Recovery Diskette


OS Support

AIX is definitely supported on the Power Series 600 along with Windows NT for PowerPC, however little information is noted whether or not you can run PPC OS/2 or PPC Solaris 2.5.1.