IBM IntelliStation POWER 275

System Type: 9114

*I was unable to obtain the original 521x374 stock photo and had to rebuild it with separate images which is why the tower is blurry. If you have the original stock photo with the 275 sporting that bezel in full resolution, please contact me.

Released in 2003 the 275 was built around the POWER4+ CPU and had 64-bit support: unlike the x86 world which was still limited to 32-bit exclusively at the time. One unusual feature I've noticed in the 'integrated features' list is redundant cooling in the event one fan fails. Extended service ended in 2016/01/31.



--> System Firmware 3F080425 (05/23/2008)

Due to IBM's licensing agreements I am not entitled to distribute the firmware update as it's licensed code. Therefore the above link redirects to IBM's Fix Central where it can be downloaded as long as you have a valid system serial.

--> IBM IntelliStation POWER 275 Installation Guide

--> IBM IntelliStation POWER 275 インストール・ガイド

--> IBM pSeries Systems Handbook 2003 Edition

--> pSeries 615 Models 6C3 and 6E3 Technical Overview and Introduction

--> AIX5L バージョン 5.3 リリースノート



--> UNIX Workstations Facts and Features (2006)

--> UNIX Workstations Facts and Features (2003)

--> System i & p PCI adapters (44 MB!)

--> System i & p fans

--> IBM IntelliStation POWER and IBM RS/6000 Graphics Performance Report

--> RS/6000 SpaceBall Announcement on AIX


--> 3Dconnexion 3DxWare AIX Driver (1.6.0 11/29/2011)

--> 3Dconnexion Xdriver AIX 5+ (4.66 11/18/2005)

Note: it seems that the 3DxWare driver should support the SpaceBall and SpaceMouse, along with offering new support for the SpacePilot and SpaceExplorer on AIX. However if that's not the case the older Xdriver can be used.

--> Open Sound System for AIX (OSS/AIX v3.9.8g)

Note: you must purchase a license from 4Front Technologies to activate OSS/AIX (while it's released as open source the old UNIX versions are not).


OS Support


AIX 7.2 Not Supported
AIX 7.1 Supported (requires firmware 3F041029)
AIX 6.1 Supported
AIX 5.3 Supported
AIX 5.2 Supported
AIX 5.1 Potentially Supported
AIX 4.3.3 Not Supported
AIX 4.2.1 Not Supported
AIX 3.2.5 Not Supported


The GXT4500P and GXT6500P are not supported under POWER Linux as usual. I don't know how far SUSE and RedHat supported POWER4 on their 'enterprise' distributions.