Old Game Software / Patches / Add-ons

Here is a collection of old patches / software / modification utilities to some games I sometimes play. As the years go by these may disappear, so they are archived on this page for preservation.



--> Age of Empires I: Rise of Rome (latest patch)

WARNING: This 'latest' patch causes a severe corruption with the save game feature: so there's a 90% chance restored save files will not load-- causing the game to crash.

--> Descent 2 Glide Patch

--> Lands of Lore 1 (latest patch)

--> Lands of Lore 2 (latest patch)

--> Lands of Lore 3 (latest patch)

--> King's Quest Mask of Eternity (latest patch)

Mask of Eternity is (sort of) impossible to finish without this patch, the issue is in the Dimension of Death, but there is ironically a glitch which allows you to bypass the problem had the patch not been installed.

--> StoneKeep 1.2

--> Tzar: Burden of the Crown 110 (English)

--> Siege of Avalon 1.4 Patch

See the readme for more information. This patch allows different characters to be played as and a handful of many other enhancements.


RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Software & Utilities

--> RCT2 Tools Collection

Includes: RCT2 Object Editor, RCT Save Game Modifier, Ride Maker, Water Ride speed-up, and Path Maker. These tools are for advanced modding of the game: i.e. if you need to create your own rides, turn saved games into scenarios, speeding up the rather slow water rides and other such things.

--> RCT2 Pink Water add-on

Special add-on to allow an option for pink water. Chris Sawyer released this on the RCT2 website when the game was first released. After a few years the site was taken down along with all of the rest of the files.

--> RCT1 Maps for RCT2

Includes the ORIGINAL RollerCoaster Tycoon maps converted over for RCT2: Barony Bridge, Bumbly Beach, Canary Mines, Crumbly Woods, Dynamite Dunes... etc. Chris Sawyer also published these during the release of the game on the RCT2 site.

--> RCT1 Expansion Maps for RCT2

Includes the RollerCoaster Tycoon 'expansion' maps converted over to RCT2. These were never officially converted over by Chris Sawyer, so they're quite unique. Funtopia is one of my personal favourites.


It is possible to change the cursors in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: they're stored inside the executable. I used ResHack.


Rage of Mages 2 Software & Utilities

--> Hat Server

This is the actual server for Rage of Mages 2 dubbed 'Hat'. It allows you to host a server on the internet so you're not restricted to LAN.

--> Server Pack

This server pack is to be ran in conjunction with the hat server; as it contains all of the actual game files and a selection of maps. See the enclosed README.txt for more info.

--> Rage of Mages 2 Map Editor Fix / Update

I can't remember the specifics, but this fixes a few things with the map editor I believe.

--> ROM Music Extractor

Extract the music from any Rage of Mages game.

--> ROM Sound Extractor

Extract the sound from any Rage of Mages game.


A few caveats regarding the ROM2 "Allods" Map Editor. Placing manual money bags never works (probably they had it as a development feature) but due to the obvious use of cheating was probably disabled. The versioning is used specifically to prevent people with mismatched versions from joining. And finally, too many objects may cause lag / high latency. Although hopefully newer hardware rectifies that; I have never noticed anything substantial with LAN games.


Rayman 1 Gold Software & Utilities

--> Updated PCX Collection

This PCX collection updates the standard PCX map editor graphics so you get the tiles used in the original rayman games (such as the mushroom trees, the dead tree in blue mountains, the paint can in the art world, etc.

--> Rayman 1 Extracted Graphics

Serves no logical purpose. All of the background art and various sprites extracted-- even from the 'rayman 2' prototype. Could be fun for modding purposes I suppose.


Gruntz Software & Utilities

--> Gruntz Map Editor