AVerMedia C127 Game Broadcaster HD DRIVER

AverMedia (publicly) removed all of their older drivers and no longer has anything in their broadcaster lineup that can capture VGA. So... if you want VGA capture from an AVerMedia product, you'll still need the C127; the C985 and C727 are not suitable replacements if you need VGA capture.

I contacted AVerMedia's customer support and they sent me a copy of the drivers. Of course this may not be a 'forever' thing and I doubt most people want to go through the effort of reaching out to support for it, so I've uploaded the drivers here for convenient download--which is typically reserved for **vintage** discontinued hardware products:



--> AVerMedia C127 Driver 1.50 & AVer MediaCenter 3D

--> AVerMedia C127 Driver 1.54 & RecCenter

NOTE: Both packages contain the C127 driver; the main difference is the bundled recording utility, the 'REC Center' is the updated version of MediaCenter 3D, although some prefer the older MedaCenter. Personally I'd say the MediaCenter 3D is easier to deal with--but the REC Center package has a newer version of the driver that you can use in tandom with the MediaCenter 3D.


LinusTechTips censoring the driver downloads

There were some other users looking for the C127 drivers on a post "Avermedia C127 Drivers even exist?" at LinusTechTips, I responded and provided a link back here to download the drivers. However apparently LinusTechTips considers linking a private website (which gets NO REVENUE and displays NO ADS WHATSOEVER) dangerous to their business and promptly removed the driver link with the following warning:

"...but also must inform you about your recent post in "Avermedia C127 Drivers even exist?" as we don't allow advertising of personal websites on the forum. Therefore the content has been removed."

But of course they have the following caveats because it's INSANE to block the posting of *every* website on an internet-based community:

"No advertising of any non LTT/LMG material, eBay/trading sites, personal websites or businesses except where appropriate. (Eg who can do data recovery in Vancouver), Twitch/YouTube links are only allowed in user profile status updates

I'd consider it APPROPRIATE in this case since others need the driver (and again, I cannot stress enough that I don't make any revenue on this nor have a desire to publicize this website). Well okay... if LTT wants to do that, then how about HOST the drivers on YOUR website so that users who NEED it can get it? Talk about a one-sided community. I get it, they don't want to host 3rd party content because it all has to be about LinusTechTips and the revenue must go to them. But I don't MAKE ANY money off of this website, it's exclusively to provide software that simply doesn't exist on the internet anymore that some people may still need. And in this case AVerMedia axed their C127 drivers because AVerMedia removed them from their website.

So... if you find this page from this LTT post, just remember THEY were the ones who censored this page and couldn't care less about community support: